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a replacement for SMTP

Updated: 2 Dec 2008

The development of AMTP is supported by your voluntary donations. Press the PayPal button to donate any amount, or contact Bill for more information.

This is the home of the AMTP protocol. AMTP is being designed as a replacement for SMTP, with security features designed to reduce the impact of Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) and the cost of running mail servers.


As of Dec 2008 I am working on the reference implemenetation of AMTP. The first AMTP reference implementation, written in C++, should be available in the spring of 2009. Be sure to sign up for the amtp-announce list to be notified of the progress.

The fourth draft specification of AMTP (draft-weinman-amtp-03.txt) was published as an Internet Draft on 24 April 2004 (also available on this web site in Documents). The draft should be very close to what the final specification will look like.

Comments and discussion about the specification are still welcome. A mailing list has been established for this purpose. Please subscribe to the amtp-discuss list to participate. (Or use the form below.)

Mailing Lists

You may subscribe to the amtp-announce list for general announcements about AMTP.

For news about AMTP, subscribe here:

The amtp-discuss list is for technical discussions about the AMTP specification.

To discuss the AMTP draft specification, subscribe here:


There is a FAQ that is not very complete yet. Contact me if you have questions that you would like to see answered in the FAQ.

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